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Previously, we talked about the bathroom area, which represents the first place we step on in the morning, and for many people, it is where they can relax, take a shower, and relieve the stress at the end of the day. For these reasons, the bathroom design is very important, including those accessories we add to make that room cozier.

We must pay attention to designing as a whole that goes with harmony and elegance altogether. Even though we find in any bathroom ordinary accessories, like towel bars or soap holders, there are other options you can add according to your style. For instance, if you love reading you can place books around the house. Have you ever thought to put them into the bathroom? Let me tell you it is a trendy idea these days. Those shower shelves that are commonly used to put photo frames or nice ornaments, now people tend to place magazines and books to enjoy reading anywhere.

If you are a traditionalist, adding an elegant armchair and accessories with minimalist colors will help your mental and physical wellness; also, it’ll make the bathroom more comfortable.

Depending on your bathroom location the window is the key to give it a breath of fresh air, although it seems an irrelevant element, a window creates a visual effect of spaciousness and provides natural lighting and hygiene; this is an advantage you can harness for decorating your small space.

So, if you are looking for furniture or accessories for this special place, in Maniglie we offer a great variety of luxury quality products. People who are meticulous with details will find here the best style and functionality.

Every space of your house could fit your style with the touch of elegance you are looking, from small details to big ones, you can achieve it.

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