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The European bathroom trend that’s making waves right now


Polished, to the point, and with a touch of sensibility; why the latest in Euro bathroom trends is so easy to achieve – and so un-trendy.


Thanks to the latest in clever European design, the thin-edge bathroom trend is on the rise. With sleek-sided ceramic basins and skinny bowl-like bathtubs, the look reads clean and contemporary, making it a perfect fit for almost any bathroom style.

While trend-based updates can be risky – what works one minute could look dated the next – the thin-edge bathroom focuses on form and shape, making it a far less fleeting investment than many colour or themed-based restorations.

Plus, the beauty of this trend lay in how easy it is to achieve: with only a few minor reworks, you can shift the entire mood of your bathroom. Get ready for some sophisticated Scandi-style simplicity with these four easy ways of incorporating the look in your own bathroom.


Free-standing bathtubs are back. But unlike the classic Victorian-style bathtub with legs, the new style of tub is stripped back of any regal finishings.

Organic in shape, the thin-edged bathtub is able to fit within many bathroom layouts. Isolated from walls, it will make your bathroom feel bigger and give you the flexibility to place it wherever you choose – perhaps under that afternoon sun-soaked skylight?

The smooth curvatures of the thinned-out trend has the user's wellbeing as its first priority. Its natural flow is all about creating a place for daily relaxation and enjoyment. Your bathroom is no longer just a place to shower.


New developments in ceramics technology have opened up more bathroom design options than ever before. Laufen's SaphirKeramik (Sapphire Ceramics) has enabled sinks to be made with sides only 3-5mm thick. The strong and highly malleable material instantly declutters the bathroom, its minimalist design giving the space a cleaner feel.

With simple lines and higher sides, Laufen's VAL basin adds an urban elegance to the bathroom. Its unique form makes an arty statement without compromising the greater style of the bathroom. It's this understated finesse that makes the thin-edge trend so easy to incorporate.


Sustainability in the bathroom has become a consideration for many when renovating their bathrooms. While going green can save you money in the long run, the initial cost of making the switch can be expensive.

Start small. Tapware is a practical way to begin, with many brands now combining water-saving functionality with contemporary design. With its flat, thin-edged curving, Milli Glance Extended Basin Mixer will give any bathroom a sleek update, while dramatically minimising water use. With a WELS water rating of 6, the on-trend tap pumps out 3.5 litres a minute compared to the average household tap's 15-18 litres per minute. Such a simple switch, this fine-finished fix will leave you feeling good.


If you're not yet settled on a bathtub or sink style, give the trend a trial with smaller bathroom updates. Swapping bulky-framed mirrors for finer-framed designs will instantly modernise your space.

Blend the aesthetic into bathroom furniture, with thinned-out tables and vanities. The beautifully crafted Anaca Studio Zoe Low Table will give your bathroom a stylised finish. Alternatively, it's a great purchase when opting for a subtle take on the trend.

 Source: https://www.homestolove.com.au/the-european-bathroom-trend-making-waves-right-now-5351

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