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10 Ways to turn your bathroom into a spa


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The humble bathroom is no doubt source of refuge and serenity for anyone seeking respite after a long day. Indeed, bathrooms offer a much-needed reprieve from a bustling household at times. (A dull and dingy lavatory though, may seriously make you rethink your alone time.)

If you wish to have a relaxing spa-like vibe in the comfort of your own home, starting with an impeccable and well-furnished bathroom is a must. After all, a long cathartic soak at the end of the day in a beautiful space is every busy woman’s dream. Unfortunately, many of us have dismissed this as a baseless fantasy that would cost an exorbitant amount of money to achieve.

However, we’re here to prove that converting your bathroom into a spa-like oasis need not be a far-fetched dream. Scroll through the gallery for 10 simple (and affordable!) tips to turn your bathroom into your very own serene sanctuary!

1. Declutter

Imagine coming home to a pile of sopping clothes on the bathroom floor and a slew of toiletries jumbled in a disarray on your counter-definitely not a sight for sore eyes. Cluttered bathrooms will undoubtedly crank up the stress levels, which is the probably the very antithesis of a spa.

2. Get creative with the storage

As mentioned earlier, clutter is the ultimate foe of all things serene and peaceful. Get creative with the storage like woven baskets and  clear jars

3. Go for neutral colours

When decorating your bathroom, opt for neutral, earthy colours that create a zen ambience. Forego the bold and brazen colours that will invariably ruin the serene vibe.

4. Invest in a quality showerhead

Imagine standing under a Brazilian Waterfall with sparkling waters streaming down your back. Amazingly, you don't have to travel all the way to Brazil when you can simply invest in a quality shower head! Indulge yourself with this essential bathroom requisite that will truly transcend your shower experience to an almost ethereal level!

5. Incorporate nature

Incorporate house-plants and flowers to create a bright and lively atmosphere. Something as simple as a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers goes a long way in creating a light and airy vibe in the bathroom

6. Fluffy is the way to go

Fluffy towels and a soft rug are indeed the way to go in creating a soothing retreat of relaxation. Opt for white towels for an understated yet polished feel.

7. Scent is key

An unpleasant odour is a sure-fire way to kill off the luxurious environment. Essential oils and scented candles work wonders in getting rid of unwanted smells

8. Switch up the lighting

Speaking of candles, lighting can make or break your spa experience. Opt for warmer lights instead of harsh tones that may subconsciously escalate your stress.

9. Get creative with your tiles

Tiles provide a personalised touch unlike the usual plain white walls. Inject your personality into your peaceful haven with tasteful tiles that'll definitely spruce up your sanctuary!

10. Art works too

Art improves any house's design. The bathroom is no exception to this rule. A good masterpiece will automatically add an unparalleled edge to the bathroom!

Ashley Anand

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